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“Just go for it and see what works”

You have a dream.

You cannot start working on it.

You are not ready yet.

Please read, this article is for you.

Try Something New

I used in my life to pick up choices that are sure and secure. I met people that I know and went for projects that were usual for me. I refused new experiences.

I ended by discovering the following: I am not growing enough! I am actually reproducing what I already knew; there is no progress, no innovation, no creativity, and finally no learning in my life.

All sciences and disciplines require so much practice.

A musician needs to know music rules, but if he does not play on a musical instrument, he will be incapable to produce music, and will not deserve his title.

Moreover, that same musician if he did not believe in himself, and did not accept to go for a new challenge, he will never start his journey.

Everything in life is New, Unknown, and Risky until we experience it.

If we have not experienced it, how can we judge it, or know if it was the right action or not?

We used to give so much importance to theories, and we forgot that we could actually formulate ours, but you don’t have to be ready to take the first step: just go for it.

There is No Perfect Moment: Just go for it

It is a false idea to wait for the right opportunity, at the right place, and with the right people!

Perfect decisions do not exist.

Nevertheless, Imperfect decisions are a huge resource of creativity.

We learn how to resolve our problems, how to manage difficulties, how to use our intelligence and get to better results.

In addition to all the previous benefits if we did not determine our direction yet, going through different experiences and various situations will help us figure out what is our dream, and what is the reason hiding behind our existence.

Above all, waiting for perfection is a waste of time and energy.

I am not an author, but I wrote these lines because I wanted to do the first step!

So, Now it is your turn!

Written by El Filali Fadwa

I am a Marketing Student at ENCG SETTAT. I believe in love, ambition, and courage to make my dreams come true.

Photos credits to Unsplash

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  1. Wonderful article! There is no perfect time, we should make mistakes in order to grow. It’s a natural law. Big up Fadwa! Thank you for sharing

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