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Whenever they ask me this question what makes you proud of yourself today? I think about all the things that shaped my life.

In fact, pride is one of the greatest feelings that every human being wants to feel. However, it does not come between a day and a night. It needs so much effort so that you can achieve that feeling. It is a feeling that makes the person remembers all the success that comes out of a great work. 

The success I achieved is what makes me proud of myself 

Throughout my personal life, success was never easy for me. My experience in life was very thorny. However, I did all my best so that I achieved a huge success by the end. The success I achieved is related to my educational life. 

My childhood and the dream of success 

During my childhood that includes also the period of secondary school, I was not successful in my life either. However, the dream of achieving success one day made me do the best of my efforts to achieve that one day. In fact, I did a lot of efforts in my studies in order to achieve success, but I was not having good grades that would make me feel proud of myself during that time. 

I challenged myself  

Because I believed that nothing is impossible, I worked day and night aiming to achieve a great success one day. I tried to look at all the bad points in my personality which were the reason for being not successful that time, and I tried to correct them with good ones especially at my educational level. 

The positive side of my personality 

The real thing that made me challenge myself and achieve a huge success what that I never folded my arms and let things go as they wanted. I was always fighting and struggling to prove my capacities and skills in education. One day, I reached all what I wanted to achieve: I had and still have a great success in my educational life, and I won a lot of competitions with a lot of awards.    

What makes me proud of myself is that I have never stopped fighting or struggling. I believed and still believe that nothing comes easy. Everything deserves so much effort.  

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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Amal El Mhaoudar

I am the person who faced a lot of challenges in life. I did overcome them!
I am a self-confident, challenge lover. I like writing about experiences to include them in well-stated topics.


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