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What does true friendship mean?

Friendship is a relationship that exists between two individuals who share respect and love as the main pillars of their continuing relationship. Their relation requires a kind of concession from each individual.

They have to know that no one is complete. They should understand that they are human beings after all. Therefore, no one of them has only good qualities. 

True Friendship is a Sheltering Tree

Every human has history. That history could contain some mistakes or even some bad events that the individual did during the past years. However, when the other individual who is supposed to be your friend knows all about your past, he has to accept that if he really loves you very much.

We are human beings. We can make mistakes. But a true friend is the one who accept you even if you commit mistakes.

We all have some flaws in our way of behaving with the others. Some of us can be arrogant or conceited. This can be well shown in the way he talks or behaves with others.

A true friend is the one who accepts your flaws. The one in which you know everything but it does not affect your love. 

Friendship is a magical relationship

Friendship is a noble relationship that unites between people. Two individuals choose it as they first feel that they need compassion, and they need someone that they could share their secrets with.

It is a relationship of understanding and forgiveness by being able to feel each others.

A relationship that lives forever in the heart! That’s why we call them true friends or life-time friends.

When two partners are in a friendly relationship, they should understand each other, accept the mistakes of each other so that their friendly relationship goes beyond and overcomes the difficulties.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you

~~Elbert Hubbard

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