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To be fearless, every one of us can do special things when he is not afraid. At that time, one can do extraordinary things that others could never do one day. Myself I can do a lot of risky things.

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

~~Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

These are three things I would share with you in this article to experience in order to stop being so afraid and start living a limitless life!

1. Climb the Mount Toubqal

When feeling not really afraid of anything, I can climb the Mount Toubqal since I do not have a phobia of heights. Besides, I like the sense of adventure in life and anything that is totally considered as risky by most of people. Moreover, climbing mounts adds to my personal feeling a kind of freedom, and autonomy which are very needed for me to be alive and fearless in this mysterious planet.

2. Swim with sharks

Although I am really afraid of swimming in the sea or in the ocean, I believe that I can put myself in a closet to swim with sharks and only with them. This experience will give a true feeling of responsibility of my own entity as a human being with a huge desire of making the difference, and the desire of taking risks.

3. Fall from the plane without parachute

I strongly believe that this is the most dangerous experience ever thought by people in the world. I know some who had the true courage to do such an adventure. However, there are very few. The reason behind that is very simple; it lies in the danger of such a totally different experience. 

Photo by Ringedalsvatnet, Norway

Whereas, what makes this very impressive and encouraging to do in life is that it can be organized by experts in the field of flying along with doctors specialized in the domain of cardiology, neurology, and other fields of specialty who can be able in measuring the different situations that the health of that adventurer an go through during the operation of that truly different experience which makes it secure and encouraging to do.

So these are the three things that I would do to make me feel fearless. However, I can do them not only once, but also many times in life as they are very impressive.

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Photos by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

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Amal El Mhaoudar

I am the person who faced a lot of challenges in life. I did overcome them!
I am a self-confident, challenge lover. I like writing about experiences to include them in well-stated topics.


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