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Defining feminism, everyone would agree that it is a movement emerged by women to gain equal rights as men.

However, this is only a simple definition that summarizes the different periods and experiences that women went through. The aim was to prove themselves within societies and to show their capacities as good and effective citizens who represent half of the society.

Therefore, everyone should admit their existence and their skills. In fact, there are feminisms not only feminism and this is well stated in the title itself.

When we ask someone; what is feminism for you? It is automatically understood that there are feminisms. Consequently, everyone can define it according to his/her view of the world.

Women should be included in the political sphere

Feminism for me means that women should enjoy the same rights as men and in different domains. For instance, in terms of leadership position: women should have access to the different leadership positions available for men.

In our Moroccan parliament for instance we should have equal places for men and women.

The number of ministers should be equally distributed between the two sexes. In addition to this, women should get included in the position of head of the government.
The developed countries are measured on their ability to include women in public life.

We have to know and why not to compare ourselves with other well-developed countries like Norway.

This country for example is listed among the strongest countries in the world. So we have to ask ourselves why? The answer is very simple. It is in addition to the quality of its educational system and economy; it included women in most if not all of the domains and the leadership positions available. Therefore, the sophistication of the countries is measured by its ability to include women in different leadership positions.

Women as leaders

When I talk about leadership positions, I mean also women’s ability to be leaders of organizations especially that a lot of studies have been made about women and leadership.

They found that women can be good leaders for several reasons.
First of all, they adopt what is called the transformational leadership that is characterized by using power in the heart of the organization not for being the head of it.

Second, the studies show that women are considered good leaders because they use effective communication and interaction between the members of their organizations by being humble, gentle. More than, they are good networkers and they do share power equally between all the members of their organization. In contrast to men who are revealed to be tough and they like leading from the top: they prefer the hierarchical way of leading.

However, this way used by men has not shown its effectiveness as it does not motivate members to reach good results.

Third, women are found to be ethical global leaders. In other words, women leaders tend to provide their leaders with emotional circumstances as they opt for storytelling that spreads compassion between the members to work with enthusiasm.

Women should have access to fantasia

For me, women should also have access to different other domains like fantasia. I agree that a lot of efforts were made so that women now can form groups made only of women to practice fantasia in front of the public. What I see is that women can only practice this sport in festivals. They still do not have access to participate in high organized competitions to prove their capacity to do what is considered sacred only for men.

I hope that Tbourida dar Essalam can open its doors for women to participate.

We have to know that Tbourida is not related to one’s sex. It is made for both men and women.

If we exclude women from doing it, it means that we consider half of our world as being not courageous and not ethical. However, this is completely false because women also are human beings. They also have their courage, bravery, and ethics to enter this world from its largest doors.

I can say that it is not about being a man or a woman. It is all about being capable and with a high degree of efficiency to enter a specific domain and to occupy the right position.

Sometimes, men themselves cannot be able to manage or lead. A lot of studies have shown males’ failure to lead organizations.

Therefore, we should all the time not belittle from women’s capacities and open the door for them to prove their effective existence in the different domains possible.

Photos by Lindsey LaMont and Rochelle Brown  on Unsplash

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