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I See Her“, the scary story began when they decided to move to California!

They were happy. Finally, the father was promoted; he got a big pay rise.

They also bought a manor at a reasonable price. It wasn’t that big, but it was perfect for their small family.

Their only son was named Markus, he was the precious Tresor that they finally got after several years of marriage.

Unfortunately, the child wasn’t like every child, he was a Mongolian. Even though his parents were doctors, his case was serious and severe, that they couldn’t deal with it.

Their life was complicated and their financial situation wasn’t helping too, but with the promotion, their situation couldn’t get better.

The son’s strange words!

It’s been a month now since they move on. They were happy with their lives and praying every day for their son’s safety who lately didn’t stop repeating some mysterious words.

This night was dark and stormy. The rain has been falling steadily all night making Markus scream loudly. He hated this night.

He always hated windy days, but this day was special. His screams hadn’t stopped for hours now.

He had been shouting, crying and breaking anything he sees. His father wasn’t home, so his mom had to deal with this mess on her own.

She was trying to calm her kid down when she heard screaming from the door, turning around. She started seeing a shadow, it wasn’t her husband’s silhouette.

It was small and creepy.

Marta was shaking in fear hoping it was just imagination due to lake of sleep.

As the screaming of her son stopped, the bill started ranging so hard cutting Marta prayers.

She jumped in terror frightened down to the soles of her shoes, at first she hesitated, but a sound inside her convinced her to open the door.

A short old lady with a smiling face appeared.

A Guest or a Ghost?

The old lady seemed nice, but for a reason, Marta was scared. Maybe because of her sudden presence or maybe because of the strange look on her big black eyes, but whatever the reason was, Marta wasn’t feeling okay.

It’s been an hour now since the guest showed up.

She was as she said their neighbor, who wanted to welcome them to their new house.

Strangely, Markus screaming stopped and his eyes were pierced on the lady’s face. His behavior changed and he started repeating the same phrase over and over.

Marta was gently trying to ask the women out making some excuses for her.

Fortunately, she accepted but before she leaves and with the confused look at Marta’s face, she said these words:” Company is so nice Marta” and with a hilarious laugh from her part.

She shut the door, leaving Marta in a complete state of panic. Certainly, those words were scary but what made the situation worst is that Marta never told her her name.

A mysterious woman!

Her husband finally arrived, she directly explained what had happened to them and asked him to never leave her alone, and that’s what he promised her.

He also relieved her saying that he’ll search about this mysterious women the following day.

The sleeping time arrived, Marta took her kid to her room passing by the chamber with the locked door that until now. They hadn’t entered it, curiosity reigned her, she was wondering the reason why the owner of the manor prohibits them of opening this room. However, she decided to forget the subject and go to sleep, this night was tuff for her and she definitely needed some rest.


It’s midnight now and Marta couldn’t sleep. She had nightmares.

She couldn’t stop thinking of this weird guest who showed up on this stormy night.

So, she decided to get some water after she cheeked on her son, she went downstairs.

The hallway was cold and dark, Marta had arrived in the kitchen and suddenly, green slime oozed from the walls. A Small child with brilliant white eyes, silver skin, and the smile of a predator appeared and started looking at a terrified Marta who dropped the glass of water which she was holding, her terror mounted with every step he took.

She pushed a big scream asking for help, the kid didn’t let go, and he jumped at her attacking her and trying to strangle her, she kept crying and screaming begging him to let her go, but he didn’t care and started laughing to her pity face.

The light turns on and strangely nothing was in the kitchen apart from a moaning Marta on the floor and her husband who came to her rescue, the kitchen was clean, no green slime and no creepy kid.

Scary things start happening!

Marta had a fear attack, she started trembling and shaking, her husband came next to her and took her to his arms, a few moments later, she calmed down, her husband presence was helping her and without him, she couldn’t imagine what could happen to her, he gently touched her face.

A shiver of pleasure run through her, he moved his hand to her neck and she quickly forgot all that she had been through and concentrate on this romantic moment.

She loved her husband, he was her world and her shine, and the only person who understands her and knew all her secrets.

She wanted this moment to last, but his eyes suddenly changed to red, at the same time Marta’s neck started burning, his hand started choking her as she began screaming.

His face also started changing. His new apparition was burnt; no hair, no eyebrows. Features melted and raw. Her panic increased, but she knew that she should act to save her life, near her was the broken glass of water. She took it and hit him with all what she still got of power, fortunately, he stood back and disappear. She couldn’t believe what’s been happening to her lately. Her life had changed since they moved on to this place, and she knew that she still in danger.

A Haunted House!

The voice of her man entering the kitchen cut her thinking; he was asking how she’s doing and repeating the same words said by the ghost. For her, it was definitely the same creature, and this time, she kicked in his neck that directly started bleeding after her move. She was shocked, how could a ghost bleed, and how could a ghost scream from pain. Too many questions run to her head and one possible answer to this, Marta had killed her husband.

She froze, she had just made a crime and killed her husband. The color drained from her face, and terror stole her words.

She should leave this haunted house right now before something else happen. She’s upstairs now and she’s running to take her kid and leave this manor.

A voice came from the closed chamber.

It was her son’s voice asking for help: “Mom, help me!”.

She couldn’t think twice and she opened the door, and this was her big surprise.

Pictures of the women who visited her this night and a Mongolian kid were hung on the wall.

All the pictures fell down, leaving the look to an expression clear.

It was written with blook, the same expression whose son kept repeating every time: “I see her”.

The Hidden Truth!

Turning around, she saw her, the mysterious woman who came this night; It was her, fixing her with the same black eyes, and the same terrifying smile.

She soundlessly clapped her hands and laughed as she had never seen such a funny thing. Marta’s mouth went dry, and her bones turned to water.

The women finally spoke: “I missed you, Marta, you had killed my son living me no option but suicide, but today I had finally token your son life” 

Hearing these words gave her a memory back. It was three years ago, Marta thought that she found a cure to this disability and that she would finally get to see her son having a normal life.

Selfishly she decided to check it on a Mongolian kid. Things got bad and he had a heart attack due to this treatment.

Unfortunately, he died leaving his mom in a total mess who, after 3 months of suicide.

Marta looked at the ghost who was still looking at her. She remembered that her son could be dead now.

She runs to her room where her son was a body without a soul.

With a big scream, she fell unconscious in the ground.

Images by Mario Azzi, Pelly Benassi and Racheal Lomas on Unsplash.

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