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Eat, Pray, Love

Ooh! Yes!

Have you seen the film?  Personally, I found it so meaningful! It is simply a concrete philosophy of seeking harmony and peace and inviting them into our life.

In this quarantine period, most things we need are:

  • Eat healthy
  • Pray and increase our spirituality
  • Find and spread love everywhere

The lockdown as a new opportunity

This episode should bring the key of happiness to us; I know that it is not a piece of evidence for many of us.

However, just trust practicing meditation and prayer; especially in this month of Ramadan, this will help us figure out new perspectives and new directions and discover all quaratine lessons.

I prompt you to consider this very hard situation such a pause, it’s time to imagine and shape your new life after being free. Then ask yourself please: Am I preparing a new person to deal with difficulties and crisis? What lessons did I learn from my accurate condition?

Do not assimilate these circumstances to a jail, look at the bright side, and see the wonders that you have, you are resilient and strong, you are able to overcome it.

Mentally we have the right to change our attitudes and believes in a way that we focus on positivity.

I suggest some ideas that may help you connect with a world of hope and trust.

Remember to free your mind from everything that makes you sad.

Choose happiness over negativity 😉

3,2,1 ready?

Let’s go!

Rule number 1 (it’s the only rule I have for you):

Try to know yourself more:

What are your priorities in life? things you love to do? your dreams? your weaknesses and strengths?

Four tips to help you discover yourself

Here are my four tips :

1. Art

Listen to music, different kinds of music even those that you disliked before, be open to differences, and explore the world around you.

2. New things…

This openness includes your daily activities: books you read, the clothes you wear, your style… For example, I started a new series in this lockdown that I have never seen before, and that makes me more flexible and shows me new possibilities and ideas.

3. New aspects of yourself

To sum up, don’t be yourself and try to be someone else ( yes I’m serious); Just imagine that you’re playing a role in a theatre, be an actor, and see the progress that you aim for in a variety of characters, by the end you will find out the person you’re seeking, this famous “best version of yourself”.

4. Be the leader!

Serve the community as you can (even by sending messages to your family members or friends to get news of them) if you care about your surroundings you will get more in return. Why? It’s pretty simple: In a gentle way, you can shake the world, in these few words Gandhi explained it well. When we help someone, we are actually proving to ourselves the beauty that we have inside us. A great feeling isn’t it?

Finally, this article is a compilation of all what I learned from my experience as lockdown lessons.

You have your own rules and principles (I’m sure), so share them with us in comments 😉 or write your own essay by being a member of our community.

With love.

Written by El Filali Fadwa

I am a Marketing Student at ENCG SETTAT. I believe in love, ambition, and courage to make my dreams come true.

Photos by Anthony Tran on Unsplash.

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