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Human history has witnessed revolutions of all kinds, behind each of which have been real life heroes. Undoubtedly though, of the many remarkable personalities involved, there has to have been one personage who influenced the rest of us more than any other. It is certainly difficult to point to one single figure, especially when the individuals concerned possessed their own particular sparkle, but there is one figure whose tremendous endeavour for peace has impressed me more than any other. He is one of the most familiar figures in the history of the world; Martin Luther King, whose passionate desire to liberate his people from slavery and darkness was immense.

Lightning makes no sound until it strikes.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Ideas and Influence

His love for peace and his determination for it to encompass humanity as a whole was perhaps unique, to the extent that he sacrificed his life to make the dream of liberating his people from the chains of slavery and racism a reality.

The truth is, his efforts were for the good of humanity, for all ethnic groups around the world without exception.

Martin Luther King addressed the human side of every one of us; that part of us that yearns for peace and equality, and shrinks from evil and violence.

This is what I find I have in common with this courageous man. It seems to me that our world is in dire need of peace and justice now more than ever.

As he said, “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”. We don’t have to be confrontational or violent in order to make a difference in the world.

“I have a dream”

His speech ‘I have a dream’ had a great deal to say about his aspirations. His wish was to unite all peoples from all cultures and ethnicities under one flag and for one purpose; The prosperity of human beings. All standing up for the oppressed, the less fortunate, all together hand in hand. And most importantly, not judging each other because of religion, colour, age or background, rather by character and attitude.

Leadership that inspires

Basically, Martin Luther King was an extraordinarily inspirational leader. His existence left its mark on history, most likely because his goals were derived purely from human nature.

And although we may mourn the fact that he lost his life as a consequence of his dream. Dying for one’s dreams and beliefs is never a failure, especially if what you have brought about will resonate through time.

Being the driving force behind the liberation of a whole nation from darkness is no small matter. We must necessarily sacrifice something in return to achieve great things in our lives .

These sacrifices differ from one person to another depending on the objectives each one is working towards. As the old saying goes, in life, there is no gain without pain.

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