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Know yourself.

It is the beginning of all wisdom


Know your dreams

What was your dream when you were a kid?

Conquer the space, become a doctor, a football player?

Whatever your dream was, ask yourself again, where I am right now, am I close to my dream, or am I far beyond.

Everyone is born with a unique talent, a unique set of genuine skills, but unfortunately along the way sometimes we disconnect from our true authentic self.

We tend to forget our power, our gift, sometimes we try to mimic other people’s lifestyles or try to fit other standards imposed by our surroundings and society where we belong…

Get to know yourself

It is time to pause for a moment, ask yourself about your dreams, reflect on your talent, get to know your skills and fears as well. Briefly, get to know yourself.

We can’t deny the truth that some people succeed and arrive at their full potential and others don’t, why is that?

Are they more intelligent, luckier? Do they have more money?

No, not all.

All of those facts don’t represent the core reason why they are successful.

It is simply a difference in what people think about themselves. While some people believe that they can do what they want to do, and they take continuous steps forward toward their dream. Others stop in the middle of the road, they stop trying, they stop challenging themselves.

They think that they have failed, and they judge themselves that they will never achieve their full potential.

Along your journey to self-discovery, I invite you, dear readers, to come with your own definition of success!

Come up with your own standards.

Ask yourself: What is stopping you from thriving, and living the most creative life you have always dreamed of?

Self-discovery journey is the beginning of freedom

Look around you, read true stories about the most successful people around us, Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), …

How did they arrive at what they are right now?

I’m sure that once you will start looking around you, reflecting on yourself and getting to know yourself, your talents, your skills, your fears, you will start noticing your true, authentic power, and strong will in leading a life that you always wanted to have.

Your most creative life is waiting for you, and nobody can do what you are talented in the way you will do it.

Remember. You have your own genuine addition to making from the usual unusual. Let your dreams fly and shine!

Written by Nadia Moukanni

I truly believe that everyone possesses a unique gift that if used properly. Great things happen!

Photos by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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