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Throughout history, we find many examples of people who marked the whole world for a simple reason. They choose the right path for themselves, even if that path is not chosen by most of the other people of the generation.

Human beings are created by God to be different

We all know that we want to be successful in life. Who does not? And maybe because we fear more about our future that find ourselves obliged to follow the path that is chosen by others. However, this does not and should not be the norm because human beings are created by God to be different.

Therefore, every one of us should be aware of this in order to find the path that suits him/her better. In this article, I will talk about why do people who do not follow the others’ path are not lost. I will deal with the stereotypes spread by the majority of people and show their falseness with many arguments form famous people’s experiences throughout history and my personal experience in life.

It’s the difference that makes life rich

The path chosen by an individual is not an expression of his loss. Since human beings are different, every one of them chooses the path that suits him/her better. It is the humans’ difference on earth which makes people’s life rich and full of alternatives as well as choices. Everyone in the world feels that he/she can generate and do the best of his/her in a specific field. We should remember all the time that life is unlimited. The richness of the different fields that provide us with gives the opportunity for everyone to do the best in a particular specification.

Unfortunately, people hold the wrong belief that is everyone must follow the studies until the end because they believe that studies are the best path for everyone. Yes, I cannot tell the opposite. However, there are people who do not find themselves in studies. Simply they feel that they cannot go further by following only the study life. Therefore, they should follow the path that suits their abilities better in order to achieve their dreams.

People who followed a suitable path , reached very successful dreams

I can give examples of people throughout history who followed a suitable path for their lives. People who reached very successful dreams.

The best example that can be given is Beethoven. The latter as everyone knows is not famous in physics or Mathematics or literature. But, rather he is well known in the field of music. He produced very impressive and influential musical clips. Until now the whole world admits that they are the best clips ever produced.

Another example: Leonardo Da Vinci whose paintings are still considered the best in the world. He is well known for Monalisa or Joconda that until now the world is still trying to decode its codes. What we should get from these examples that the ones who do not follow their studies should not be seen as lost. They could do or achieve what they want if they find the right path that suits them better.

I never regretted where my path led me

Most people, however, still think that the best way for their children is to follow the scientific branch. I strongly disagree with this idea. To argue, I will cite my example as proof for my point of view. When I was thirteen years old, I went through this bad experience as most of my family members were against the literary or the art branch. In addition to this, all my cousins who were at my age did follow the scientific branch. It means that I was the only one who decided to go for Art simply because it suits my capacities in my studies.

In fact, at the very beginning, because I saw my cousins opted for being scientific, I was hesitant before choosing literature. However, after a long time of thinking and rethinking, I found that this branch fits me, and then I chose it.

Frankly speaking, I was so disappointed because everyone in my family agrees that this branch does not contain any success in the future. However, I was totally wrong because once I reached the common core level; I was surprised by a lot of educational surprises that I had never thought about before.

The success I acheived

First of all, I was chosen among thousands of people to learn English for four hours a week for free. What is more, I got a lot of certificates of excellence from that program after three years of study.

Secondly, in the first year baccalaureate, I participated in an English competition called “Spelling Bee”, and I got the certificate that proves my excellence in it.

Thirdly, in the second year baccalaureate, I participated in the philosophy Olympiad. After three semesters, I got a certificate of excellence too. And after all of this, I was handed my prize for excellence in the final baccalaureate exam by the Pasha of Khouribga city. Furthermore, I pursued my studies in Beni Mellal when I got my B.A in English Studies with merit and I got the prize. And now, I am still continuing my studies in the master’s degree.

A lesson learned in life

I narrated my personal experience just to show that:

It’s not about being a scientific or an art student. It’s about working very hard in the field that you choose in your life and believe that you can achieve all what you want by hard work and a lot of effort.

To sum up, I should mention here is that every one of us has to be responsible for his/her decisions. And most importantly, he/she should believe and hard work in his/her path in order to achieve the goals being programmed.

The path that you choose in your life determines who you are. So you should be responsible for it, and do not let other people choose in your place. Remember always that this is your life, and it yours alone, try to live it with happiness by choosing the right path that fits you more.

Being alone in a path does not mean that you are lost. You can find a lot of opportunities that others will not find.

Photos by Fanny Gustafsson on Unsplash

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