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Forever love as a concept is a lofty feeling that gathers at least two people who share respect and love between each other.

The love relationship can be a the cure for many personal problems like those who feel introverted, isolated marginalized, or even unnoticed.

This relationship is chosen by many of us to solve such personal problems. However, does it last forever? 

True love meaning

To love someone is to give everything to him or to her, without aiming at taking something back. When there is a true love that gathers between two people who love each other very much, it will last forever.

However, we all know that we are human beings who live in a planet that is full of attractions that can be technological, financial, social, political…etc . How can one guarantee his love to someone under these continuous challenging changing global circumstances? 

The financial side might play a part in this relationship

Let’s imagine a couple who are gathered under one umbrella relationship for a long time. However, because we all know that money attracts people so much, one partner of that couple can cheat on the other.

This happens when he finds another person with a lot of financial sources. In this case we can totally agree that love as a relationship if it is not built on well basis; it will be easily destroyed because of financial benefits or maybe other factors. 

Love can last forever if it is built on a basis 

True love that is built from the very beginning on respect, contentment…etc. I am sure that it will last forever. Another pillar that could be set as a basis is the total satisfaction felt by the two partners.

Satisfaction is understood in the way that both of the partners are trying  to satisfy their each others’ needs emotionally, financially, ethically…etc.

From all what we said love as a feeling or a relation  cannot be determined in a clear cut way. It depends on each partner and the degree of love one feels towards the other.

In addition to the fact of withstanding in front of the unchanging global circumstances, love needs sacrifice and giving without aiming to take something.

Forever love exists only if the two partners aimed at proving each other with a true and pure love.     

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