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Maya Angelou once said about the importance of writing practice:

“There is no Greater Agony Than Bearing an Untold Story Inside You”

Writing starts with our stories

Life is moments of melancholy and happiness. Both are temporary, we cannot escape tragic experiences during our life. Being the humans we are, we seem to bring these memories sorrowful and delightful into different forms. They are stories to be shared, withholding them will not only bring misfortune into our lives but it will also eliminate many important life events.

That I wasn’t the best communicator is no lie. Trying to express myself was a challenge that weighed on me. My shyness turned into a curse and overthinking deprived me of opening up to the world. 

Every writer must be a good reader

Now you might be wondering what does this inability to self-expression has to do with writing. Well, I’m coming to that. As my insecurities created a barrier between me and the outside world.  I decided to engage in a completely strange occupation for me at the time, which is reading.

I never understood before why people would take time to read unembellished and monotonous papers put together and to actually find amusement in that! 

That was before as my journey of reading dug deeper forming a huge part of my life and with that came another interest.

The Four results of my writing practice

After noticing an urge, a yearning to write something that belongs to me, I found out a long-hidden compulsion. Eventually, I started to write, and with that resulted in many other things.

  • My passions for Writing helped me with my studies as I became better with time at it. Essays were no longer a challenge.
  • Learning how to communicate ideas and thoughts to a paper first, I managed to extend that to the real world.
  • It gave my life thrill; the search for new words and the constant need for knowledge affected the way I see things. It gave me a particular perspective.
  • Finally, I have been unawarely using writing as a therapy. It suppressed many undesirable traits and accompanied me during the trip I had for life. Writing helped me grow into the person I am today; communicating my thoughts is now a chance and no longer a malediction. 

To sum it up, the world of writing was wonderland and I was alive in it.

Written by Kawtar Nasser

I am a simple girl whose passion for writing is growing day by day. I love to represent my favorite topics by writing short stories. For me, many subjects like science and physics are important in our life but art and literature are necessary for the soul!

Images by Kat Stokes on Unsplash

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  1. This is so perfectly written and organized!! Really enjoyed reading every word of it. Full of emotions! Keep writing!

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