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Are you holding back from reading that pile of books in your bookshelf ? or are you just struggling to squeeze in some reading session in your schedule?

I get that trying to fit work, classes, side projects is crazy at times. However, it is you who decides whether to fall in that time-crunch or not.

One thing that I’ve learned is that 168 hours per week is enough. It’s not a matter of quantity but of quality.

So start prioritizing your tasks by filtering unnecessary occupations. For example: during the day, we have that break time and since we’re in the digital era we tend to spend it on social media and such.

Now here, we must ask ourselves if I’d rather scroll through Instagram or read an extra chapter?

Here a few tips for you that you can use and adjust along with your preferences :

1. Always take a book with you

Wether you’re in the bus station or in the doctor’s waiting room. This little time that you might get during different situations is ought to be used in your favor.

How? well when you have nothing to do but wait, you’ll definitely try to distract yourself in a way . Now here you can grab that book in your bag or an e-book and read a few pages and I can assure you that it works as I’ve tried it.

2. Start Reading books online!

Too lazy to carry a book? get yourself an e-book! there are tons of them that are based on your favorite author or film. During this quarantine, many e-books sites were turned free in order to encourage some reading among the online society. Just google best sites for free e-books and you’ll get tons of results. Also, be careful not to infliter any viruses.

Reading online, by Maarten van den Heuvel

3. Set a specific time and duration

If you are a morning person, then take 20 minutes to an hour session of reading once you wake up instead of grabbing your phone. If not, read before you go to bed! Personally I switch between both of them and it really helped me focus on my tasks later or get me a peaceful sleep night.

Reading time by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

4. Feel good about reading books

Reading mustn’t feel pressured or like homework, it’s more like beneficial leisure so have fun and pick topics that interest you, and that is a plus for reading as it’s not restricted on a specific field nor an age group. On the other hand, you can reward yourself for the progress you’ve made and that is an efficient tool for motivation. Always make your experiences pleasurable, note this!

5. Switch to audiobooks

Do you feel like visual doesn’t describe you? and that you’d rather listen to a book. Well then thankfully audiobooks exist. listening to books doesn’t make you less of a reader, that’s for sure. Moreover, if you can listen to an audiobook while cooking for example, and concentrate on both, well you’ll save twice the time. Even though I wouldn’t recommend it if you chose a book that requires extra attention.

6. Challenge yourself and your friends

Friends reading books by Ben White 

Surround yourself with an entourage that will not qualify your reading interests as nerdy stuff but with people whom you might persuade to read books with you or even create a book club, for instance.

While reading alone is enjoyable, having a group of friends whom you can discuss your thoughts with about your latest reading is definitely great too. This will also encourage you to put reading as a habit.

Try to apply this and even bring your own ideas to manage your reading time, also remember that this starts by eliminating the mindset of: I will find an excuse to something cause I’m simply not motivated enough to find a solution!

Also, don’t forget:

” Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.” – Diane Duane

Written by Kawtar Nasser

I’m a girl whose interest in knowledge is growing day and by day. I like sharing efficient tips that worked for me! Not to forget, I like potato chips.

Photos by Siora Photography on Unsplash

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