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Self-Motivation is the soul of being able to reach one’s goals.

Without motivation, the world can never achieve today’s technologies.

It means if one wants to achieve something, he has to get motivated first to do it.

Think about the time left to achieve your goal

Think about the path that you are following from the very beginning of your journey in life.

Try to think deeply about the time period that you went through and compare it with the time that you still have to pass. You will definitely find that the time left to achieve your goal is very short compared to that that you lived. Therefore, it is a huge opportunity for you to try to exploit the time left just focusing on your own dream.

I am sure that you will not regret it by the end as you will find yourself achieving the goal that you worked very hard to reach.

Remember the success you achieved in life

Think about the success you achieved. Different psychological studies have shown that when you think about what has reached so far, you will have good and huge energy to work hard to achieve the other goals because one success leads to another.

Always remember that success does not come alone, it needs hard work and self-motivation.

Einstein said:

“If A equals success, then A equals X+Y+Z.

X equals work,

Y equals play

And Z equals keeping your mouth shut”.

According to Einstein, if one wants to achieve a goal he has to mix between work, play, and keep silent. These are the three keys to success. However, motivation is much needed here even if it is not explicitly stated by Einstein. He means it implicitly because work needs motivation first.

Make your life a special one

Try all the time to make the best of your life.

Remember that this is your life and it is yours alone.

No one can live it in your place. Make it special by doing what others can never do.

As Socrates said:

“Life is not a journey to find oneself, but it is a journey to make oneself.

Try to create from yourself something difficult to imitate”

According to Socrates, every one of us has to make the best of him to achieve something extraordinary.

Try to think this way

Convince yourself that your goals are the best and are not easy to be belittled by others. Therefore, try to work hard to achieve them. Put between your eyes that by the end everyone is going to applaud for your best choice in your life.

They will use your example in life to motivate others for doing the same.

Self-motivation needs to challenge society

Think about famous people throughout history who made a real difference in their life.

They changed the whole world despite being blocked by their societies.

For example, Regragia is now considered as one of the best women painters in Morocco.

She was passionate about painting, but the patriarchal society she was living in forbade her from achieving her dream. However, thanks to her huge motivation, she believed in her skillful capacity in painting. She then challenged the whole society and achieved her dream by the end.

Regragia was blocked by her society, but what about you?

Could anyone now prevent you from achieving your dreams? especially that we are living in the twenty-first century where every one of us is enjoying his own fundamental rights!

Photos by Xan Griffin  on Unsplash

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Amal El Mhaoudar

I am the person who faced a lot of challenges in life. I did overcome them!
I am a self-confident, challenge lover. I like writing about experiences to include them in well-stated topics.


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