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How to fight through the bad days, through the pain and the dark!

This is my personal exeperience on how I have fought!

Life is not furnished with red and pink flowers all the time. Sometimes, our life experience imposes on us to go through some bad days. However, some consider that those bad days can cause them the end of life.

In fact, those bad days are not the end; they are the beginning of a new life.

Terrible days to fight through

There were terrible days in all my life. In fact they were not only days, but several months.

When I was sixteen years old, I went through a very hard experience that coincidently came across my first year baccalaureate.

During that time, I had very great marks in the first semester. However, when the problem was raised, I was obliged to co-exist with it and in the same time I had to continue having good marks.

The main challenge

The problem was that I met some haters of philosophy who were at my age; they used to hate studying about philosophers or philosophical ideas. However, I was against them all as I had a great passion for philosophy and still have it.

When I heard them talking about philosophy using bad words, I could not bear it. Consequently, I had a psychological trouble as I could not forget what they said. In the meantime, there was a competition in English organized by our region. Therefore, I had to work hard in order to win.

My personal psychological problem was not a barrier

Although being too much depressed by the hard experience that I was going through, I did my best and I prepared well for the competition. After three semesters, I won with a certificate of merit. Then, I succeed in that year with a great mark although I was suffering.

After that, summer came and I thought that was the right time to forget about my problem. However, I was wrong because even when I travelled, I was still going through that bad experience.

I overcame the challenge in my second-year baccalaureate

Whereas, when I reached the second year baccalaureate, I enjoyed studying philosophy with a great professor. He was passionate about philosophers and philosophical ideas in general.

Thanks to him, I started overcoming little by little my psychological trouble, but I spent months and moths to succeed in that. By the end of the year, there was a competition in philosophy. It is called “The Olympiad philosophy” organized by the whole region of my city.

I was selected among all the students of my high school to participate in the second round of the competition. At that time, I already got rid of my psychological disease and I was enthusiastic to prove my excellence in the competition.

Fight to unleash the best you can be!

I won that competition with a certificate of excellence.

I narrated my personal experience to show that: life sometimes obliges us to go through some bad days in order to earn the best ones.

Perhaps, if I did not go through that psychological disease caused by those people saying bad things about philosophy, I would not know its huge value. Because if you know the true value of something, you will do the best of you once you have the opportunity for doing that.

All what I want to say is that if I did know how philosophy is important, I would not do all my effort to win the competition.

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best of your life

Photos by  Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

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Amal El Mhaoudar

I am the person who faced a lot of challenges in life. I did overcome them!
I am a self-confident, challenge lover. I like writing about experiences to include them in well-stated topics.


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