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Pain changes people. It makes them trust less, overthink more and shut people out”.


What is pain?

Does it change people?

Is mental pain worse than physical pain?

We often hear people saying that pain can completely change a person, that it can transform the sweetest people into the bitterest ones, that the happiest people become the saddest ones.

We directly associate the feeling of pain with negativity.

But maybe feeling pain is necessary to turn into the best version of us; TO MATURITY.

Ever since we’re little we go through pain, sometimes physical like when we fell riding a bike or tripped over something, and sometimes mental like when people we used to love left us.

Pain is an uncomfortable feeling, it’s exhausting, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to grow up.

Pain can change us but that doesn’t mean it has to be a negative change. We could learn from it and improve ourselves.

Pain helps us understand who we truly are when we are at our lowest.

Pain changes people being an opportunity to metamorphose into the best version they could be.

Bob Marley once said:

“The truth is everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for”.

We will always end up being hurt by someone sooner or later but how we handle the pain can change everything. Instead of trusting fewer people and shutting them out, we need to learn who deserves our trust. We should always surround ourselves with the right people, only the ones that are worthy of us.

The most important thing in pain is not the pain itself but how we handle it. Instead of turning into the worst version of us, we should try to improve who we are and make positive changes. We should also attempt to find out who deserves our trust and surround ourselves with the right people.

Written by Lina El Hamoumi

I write the things I wish I could say. I love writing because to me; it’s the best way to leave a trace, and who knows? Maybe change the world!

Photos by Roman Denisenko and Mohammed Hassan on Unsplash

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