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Before you go to bed, write down all that you think, feel, and wish. You will be surprised how much better you’ll feel. How many hidden things you always wanted to share will suddenly be articulated. You’ll watch your feelings and thoughts flowing like a magic river on your paper“.
I could not find a better start for my article other than this quote that once a friend of mine told me. Expressing my gratitude for that he could awaken the dormant passion for writing within me.

I won’t lie to you, I am an over-thinker. This always made me spend sleepless nights, kept scratching my head for that I couldn’t organize my thoughts. Getting lost in my own imagination is scary but, believe me, I find joy and beauty in it while writing it all down, it feels like I’m a bird getting out of a gloomy cage.

I realized that writing makes room for higher spheres of thinking. It gives space for one’s deep-seated emotions to be released. It is hard at the beginning, I admit it, however, try to make it a routine. Start your passion for writing only with a very short paragraph, you’ll suddenly find yourself getting used to it.

Writing practice helps me reduce stress and sleep well. Furthermore, it makes me more creative and helps in getting rid of all negative energy and feelings. In addition, to write means to improve my linguistic capacities and gain a sense of accomplishment. And I highly recommend it.

Written by Hanane HILMI

I am just a passionate writer, I do love writing because nobody listens. Writing might be fiction but it brings me closer to reality.

Photos by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash.

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