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Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

Ben Carson

As a kid, my favorite moment was when I was receiving a gift, as there was nothing better than that. Opening a wrapped gift in which there is something I always wanted to have.

The brightness in my face was irreplaceable. The happiness that engulfed me and the good feeling that gets me was priceless. However, I’ve eventually reached an age at which giving gifts becomes just as thrilling as it was receiving them as a child.

Certainly receiving something has a good taste, but giving it has a better, special, and precious taste. A warm and fuzzy feeling. It makes me happy.

There’s something inexplicably satisfying in witnessing people having something you gave them; the happiness shown in their eyes and the gratitude flown through them makes your heart throb with happiness.

You made a person smile, and that worth more than money or material item.

Numerous studies have also shown that giving money to others or to charity will put a much bigger smile on your face than spending it on yourself. In addition, giving promotes cooperation and social connection, because when we give to people, we’re more likely to get back. These exchanges promote a sense of trust and cooperation that strengthens our ties to others; we will both feel closer to each other.wxc*ty

By giving to people you won’t just help others, you’ll also help your brain and your psychological health. According to researchers at Stony Brook University, when we’re generous, our brains release several chemicals that give us a sense of joy and peace. Nevertheless, Generosity counters depression, because when we focus on others, we learn more about ourselves.

Last but not least, generosity makes us human and keeps life going. That’s another reason why giving makes me happy because by giving to one another, we have prolonged the survival of the human community. Even the simple act of sharing food or shelter with another person is an example of humanity’s intrinsic generosity. If we were an overwhelmingly selfish species, we would’ve gone extinct a long time ago. Humanity only survives by taking care of each other.

We were all born in a world where we can’t choose how we are born, but we can choose to use our privilege to assist others.

Deep down I know that even an individual can change the world. All it takes is a small act of kindness, and that’s why giving makes me happy.

Photos by Barbora Polednová  and Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

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Ibtissam Faraidi

I am a writer who believes that happiness is a choice. My dream is to make this world a better place!



  1. Wow, i love the way you write stories and the way you make your words touch our feelings . You have a gift use it to find the happiness that your looking for.

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