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Early Life and Education

Abdul Al Sattar Edhi, a man that never knew his exact birthday, it was between 1926 & 1928, born in the state of Gujarat in India, in Bantva.

His mother suffered from severe illness when he was 11 years old, he was the only one to look after her, he made his choice when he left school for his mother. It was time for him to be her mother the way she was always to him. He knew it was the right choice. At the end he inherited his compassion and selflessness from her, after eight years of struggling his mother suffered from a stroke and died.

The 19 years old Edhi knew he has a new purpose in life to follow, he knew that he has to save the likes of his mother, perhaps he would see her in each one of them.

Edhi Foundation

After the partition of India he found himself forced to leave to Pakistan in 1947, in Karachi city. Edhi occupied many jobs but he was never oblivious of his true purpose. He kept it between his eyes, and it was time for him to begin his mission. With the help of a kind community Edhi was able to establish a free dispensary. After that he started the “Edhi trust” personal welfare that enabled him to collect Rs.200,000.

He felt closer to his aim, when he opened his foundation that helped everyone, with his hard work and dedication. Regardless of their religion, background, color or ethnicity, he provided shelter for the abandoned and medical services for the diseased & the sufferers, his help was of all kinds.

A message to all humanity

Abdul Sattar Edhi once said:

“People have become educated, but have yet to become human”. 

This man knew people only in their most vulnerable times.

In 2013 Edhi faced a kidney failure. Three years later in 8 July 2016, he died leaving behind a legacy to remember. Yet he carried a very heavy scale of good deeds with him for his next journey.

His message was delivered and it was time for him to depart, like many others before him. What he accomplished will be forever inscribed in man’s history. People like him including his wife Bilquis are going to continue his Mission.

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