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This is my personal letter to someone who inspired me 

Hello professor, 

I still remember that day when you taught me Arabic in the second semester. That was an amazing one as it was full of new experiences and inspiring way of teaching.  

I am writing to you this letter to tell you that you are not only and you will never be a normal person, but rather you are a special one as you enjoy some characteristics of a great person that are rarely found in another person in life.

I chose you as a great person for several reasons: 

You encourage

You encourage your freshmen students to give the best of their efforts to pursue their studies in the faculty. Moreover, you encourage them to work hard for days and nights to get the very good grades, not only validating their modules with only ten. 

Inspiring activities

Outside of your work, you make a lot inspiring activities.

You organize some competitions of only children so that they can easily be included in some enjoyable activities like planting trees, or some flowers. In one term, what is inspiring in your personality is that you aim at organizing some activities that are more related to good things. 

You push your students to work hard

You give them very good marks only when they deserve to them. 

Your support is pricesless

If a student has a problem in the universal life, or even in the personal life, you will never reject his request for help. You will directly give assistance. 

The way you make relationships inspired me

What is more important for you is that you continue making relationships with the outstanding students in order to give them advice for the good of their future studies. 

You never feel embarrassed to give any piece of advice to some students who need it. 

For all of these reasons, I really see that you are a great inspiring person as you are all the time very distinguished from the other professors or even other people in normal life. 

You really consider that everyone in life is an important one. Therefore, he has to live a descent life with the right orientation in life.        

I am really very impressed.

Your personality inspired me.

You really deserve to be one of the greatest people in life. 

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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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Amal El Mhaoudar

I am the person who faced a lot of challenges in life. I did overcome them!
I am a self-confident, challenge lover. I like writing about experiences to include them in well-stated topics.


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