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Dear me!

I hope you are all well and enjoying good health along with your members of the family as well as your beloved friends. If you are, then you have to thank God for this great blessing.

What are my hopes for you?

You should still be surrounded by good people, those that supported you and elevated you. You’re good at spotting the kind ones that have you laughing until you’re in pain. However, perhaps by now, you’ve left the toxic ones.

Are you giving back to the persons that their looks say they would hold back the ocean for you if they could? , like mum and dad, your sisters that let you confide in them at 3 am.

You must be now 23 years old so I hope that you become financially independent and you start earning money from the creative things you do.

I’m optimistic that you’ve gained confidence in your abilities, putting asides your fears. I wonder how you are doing with the med school. I hope that you are now in your 6th year.

I’m positive that you’ve learned several things about medicine and about life in general during your training in hospitals, by being helpful and kind to the patients. Just keep working until one day you can say ‘’scalpel please”.

Have you visited London? I hope you did because I know how much you want to circulate between the streets of this wonderful city since you were a little child.

If you’ve ended up not doing everything your 18-year-old brain envisaged that’s alright, maybe your tastes and ambitions changed.  As long as you’re moving forward in some way, you still dreaming big and working hard that’s all what matters.

With Love.

Written by Noussaiba Elaroussi

I am a medical student at FMPR. I am an ambitious writer who believes that we can change the world through writing with passion and love!

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

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