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Love as a noble feeling needs to be expressed by its chosen sweety words. When words left unspoken, it might let us suffer from some mental illness.

1. You only live once

Because we live only one life, we can make a lot of relationships with a lot of people. Some of them can be connected to us with a true love. Therefore, we have to express our feeling towards such people.

Sometimes, there will be only one person whom we hide true feelings of love. So, we have to express what we feel towards that specific person because if we do not, those sweety words can cause a psychological problem that could be unbearable. 

2. Never fear an angry behavior

The beloved one sometimes can express his feelings of anger if the other person expresses the feelings of love. Therefore, there are some people who feel afraid of expressing such feeling to the beloved one. Hence, most of us become reluctant or hesitant when it comes to love. 

3. It can cure mental illnesses

However, we should be convinced that life is not repeated for another time: it is lived only one time. As a result, it needs to be lived with all the required feelings and experiences.

Sometimes, it can be a true treatment for some psychological problems. Sometimes, we find some people who are very ill only because they hide some true feelings of love towards someone who do not know.  

4. A Moroccan unspoken love movie

Al-Bortouqala-Al-Morra is a true example of a person who loved a policeman, but because he did not know that, she suffered a lot until she became crazy by the end.

This is a good example of true love left unspoken that let the person suffer the whole of his life. 

If you love someone tell them, because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken!

~~Pamela Daranjo

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