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When talking about the Moroccan culture, no one can deny its fruitful cultural background that has been taken from our ancestors.

Most of the aliens admit that Morocco has really very rich culture and most of them are amazed by each Moroccan celebration and its proper cultural rituals.

Weddings in Morocco

Moroccan weddings are very rich in terms of the rituals followed in order to celebrate the wedding. It is mainly characterized by the varied clothing that the bride wears on the night of the wedding.

It is mainly called in our Moroccan culture “takchita”. The wedding stays for one whole night when all the guests eat the most delicious food and dance with the rhythm of varied kinds of music that changes itself from one region in Morocco to another which exemplifies its richness in terms of its musical variety.

Moroccan Bride, Photo by himoub


The Moroccan culture is also known for its folkloric cultural heritage that is mainlymanifested in fantasia or “tbourida”. The latter is a kind of sport that our generation has taken for granted by our ancestors.

This kind of cultural heritage can be present at weddings, Aqeeqah ceremonies…etc. It does really translate the Moroccans and how do they hang on such traditional heritage and how do they work in order to protect it from anything that can threaten its extinction.

Tbourida, Photo by leseco.ma

The Moroccan food

Another aspect of the Moroccan cultural richness, we can have the Moroccan dishes that most of the people around the world find pleasure while eating them. For instance, Morocco is very famous for preparing “couscous” every Friday. It is a tradition that shows the importance of preserving such a culture as a symbol for the Moroccan richness.

There are also “tagine“, and “rfissa”;another Moroccan dish that is admired by most people around the world.

Moroccan Food, Tagine, Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Morocco has a very fruitful cultural background that other makes the Moroccans feel proud of themselves and like to share their culture with other people in the world.

Featured Image by Florian Bernhardt on Unsplash

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